Thursday, November 13, 2014

About the LWA Damballah

Damballah, known as the serpent god, he is one of the oldest, most popular and  most powerful Voodoo spirits. He is the father figure. He is benevolent, innocent, and a loving father. Damballah is the snake. Damballah seems to radiate a comforting presence which sort of sends a general spirit of optimism into all people who petition him for help.  It Is believed that if respects are paid to him by a married couple, he will keep them happy. He grants riches and allows treasures to be discovered.  He is known to sustain the world and prevent it from disintegrating. 
Damballah is the equivalent of and associated with the Catholic's St. Patrick.

His favorite foods are eggs, cornmeal, melons, rice, bananas, and grapes.  His color is white so any foods that are white (for instance rice, white bread or eggs are also excellent foods to offer him),
His special day is Thursday, and his favorite tree is the bougainvillea.
His color is white.

He is in charge of white metal (silver) which means offerings left to him (if you’re not using the paper bag method given in an earlier post) are best left near an iron factory or even near a town hall building or railroad tracks.
The Catholic equivalent to Damballah is St. Patrick
The symbol or veve for Damballah, below.
If you're petitioning for Damballah's help, it's a good idea to include both of the above images on your altar

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