Thursday, November 13, 2014

Erzulie Freda Spirit of Love

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Erzulie Freda was who I petitioned to bring my heart's desire closer and closer to me, ultimately helping me to achieve a permanent, committed relationship with him.  She was the most remarkable spirit I've ever worked with and she can work the same unbelievable miracles for you too, believe me!  Here is some helpful information about her:

Who is Erzulie? The Goddess of Love! She is the most beloved Lwa (Loa) in the Voodoo Spirit World .  As the female Lwa of love, sexuality, passion, pleasure and prosperity, Erzulie is quite powerful in fulfilling these desires.

Described as one of the most beautiful Loas, she is notoriously vain, a touch lazy, has multiple lovers and prefers to receive lavish gifts of perfumes, sweet cakes, jewelry and flowers for her help with your requests. We’re told she likes to relax and paint her nails all day – how divine!
She is the Lwa that can make most things possible with Love and Success; without her help, little can be accomplished, especially where relationships are concerned.

Her sacred days are Tuesday and Thursday: Always start any petitions and altar session to Erzulie on one of these two days.

Her Favorite Colors: Pink, Blue, Lavenders, Purple and Orange. Try to use them anytime you need her assistance. These colors can manifest with clothing, altar items, candles, gifts, bottles and even food.

Her favorite offerings:   Erzulie Freda prefers to receive lavish gifts of perfumes, sweet cakes, jewelry and flowers for her help with your requests.

A few interesting facts about the Great Mistress Erzulie, the first being, her Catholic counterpart is The Virgin Mary. Due to the history of Voudou in America, the original practitioners were slaves and had to disguise their Spirits as members of the Catholic Church in order to worship them. Consequently, she was most similar to The Virgin Mary, not because of the virginal or immaculate conception concepts of course, but because of her unconditional love aspects, empathy, compassion and willingness to help especially with love issues and relationships

I always have this image of the Virgin Mary on my altar when petitioning for help in romantic matters.

Below is the symbol or veve that represents Erzulie Freda.  I have it on my alter whenever I petition for help in romantic matters.

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