Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sacred Days & Favored Colors of the Major LWA

Sacred Days and Favored Colors
(retrieved from Voodoo, 2002 by Shannon R. Turlington) 

If you’re planning to petition to a specific LWA, each one has a specific day or days to petition and a specific color or colors to best use on the alter (candles, altar cloths, etc.) to honor them.  Below I’ve listed some of the major LWA with the best day/s to petition them and the color/s associated with each one.

Alegba - Friday & Saturday, Red & White                                                                                        

Damballah – Thursday, White                                                      

Erzulie – Tuesday & Thursday, Pink & Pale Blue

Ogoun – Wednesday, Red

Samedi – Saturday, Black & Purple

Agwe’ – Thursday, White & Blue

Azaka – Friday & Saturday, Blue & Red

Simbi – Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, White & Green

Ayida-Weyo – Monday & Tuesday, White & Blue

Lasiren – Thursday, Blue-Green

These are the major LWA.  I will be posting the full information about Baron Samedi, Azaka, Simbi Ayida-Weyo and Agwe in future posts.        For LWA that I’ve listed 2 or more colors and/or two or more days for, you can use either color (or both) or  either day (or both).      

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