Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wanga and Wanga Dolls

Love Wanga Doll
Wanga and Wanga Dolls originated in Africa hundreds of years ago.  They are like a sister counter-part to Voodoo Dolls but differ in the sense that with the voodoo doll, a spell is cast and the spirits (LWA) are summoned to help the spell caster with changes they want to see manifest in another person.  With the Wanga Doll, however, there is no spell casting involved.  The Wanga Doll employs the power of the user’s spirit guides which help to bring about desired changes in their life.  Unlike the Voodoo Doll, the Wanga Doll’s powers are directed towards the user, not towards someone the user wishes to target.  They can be used to attract money, love, power, luck, revenge, warding off evil and a myriad of other things.  Basically your belief plays a very strong part in the effectiveness of the Wanga.  To use the Wanga Doll, you simply hold the doll up in front of you and call its name (Wanga) out three times and then proceed to tell it what you wish for.  The more specific your wishes are, the more effective your Wanga Doll will be.  Just keep the old adage in mind, “Be careful what you wish for” when using the Wanga Doll as its power is very strong.
Wanga Dolls are said to be the tangible house of a spirit which the user communicates his desire to.  As such, they must always be used with respect and a strong faith.
Consecrating your Wanga Doll for use is simply a matter of first writing your petition or wish on a piece of paper.  Then light a candle and place the petition beneath the lit candle.  Hold the Wanga Doll near to the candle (not close enough where it risks getting burned) and begin speaking to the spirit it holds within.  In other words, narrate your petition, your wish your desire and need.  You ask the Wanga Doll to help attain the results you desire.  It is highly recommended that you talk to the Wanga Doll often during the day, while holding it, lovingly stroking its hair and so forth because the more you interact with it, the stronger the spirit of it becomes.  Create a sacred place for it and let no one else handle it but yourself.
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  1. Thank You for your post, it was most informative. I would like to ask, what is an example of proper etiquette or respect when asking? And should there be an offering like fruit or something? In Calastrology, they sell Wanga Dolls with specific purposes, like to attract money or love or power. How would a person who is seeking power ask? In Calastology, it advertises a Wanga Doll with the description: "To give you the power to do what you want, get what you want." Thank You for taking the time to read this. It's been awhile since you posted this article.

  2. Hi Tagni, while I am not the author of this blog, I am, indeed, very familiar with Calastrology and their services to include Wanga Dolls. A few years ago I purchased the Power Wanga doll. While Calastrology will send you basic instructions on how to use it, I reinforced them with my own. The last request I made included asking it (Power Wanga) to give me the power to force the people and situation to see things my way thereby making things go in my favor. I also wrote it down and placed it underneath the doll. Within a week, the people/ corporation - corporate office :) surprisingly called me and, indeed, just like I requested, ruled in my favor. I've also used the Power Wanga doll for two additional requests which worked out well, too - just be direct and specific while believing.

    1. What if someone who is a non believer touches your doll? Just had this happen tonight as a friend went into my bag for a pen and pulled out my doll.

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  4. Hello! I haven't used my Wanga dolls for years and they have been carefully put into the loft. Is this disrespectful to them? Would they mind?