What I'll Do For You

Again, I thank you for visiting my blog.  What can I do for you?  Are you anxious to draw the love of your life closer to you?  Do you desperately need to attract money or good luck?   I'll walk you through the process, step by step, helping you to manifest whatever your heart desires.  I've excelled through years and years of study and practice, using many of the products from  the www.spellmaker.com website.  I'm here for you whenever you need me and will be available to you 24/7.  My responses to your questions are answered within 4 hours of your emails to me.  I'm also available on Yahoo Messenger for any and all necessary communications with my clients.  My fees for unlimited coaching are listed below.

Monthly Fee:

$100.00 a month
(which can be paid in increments of $25. a week if easier)

Package Deals:

$480.00 for 6 months
(which can be paid in 2 payments  of $240. or
3 paymets of $160.  if easier)

$720.00 for 12 months
(which can be paid in 2 payments of $360.
3 payments of $240. payments or
4 payments of $180, if easier)

For all new clients, I provide one free, love-related correspondence in which you tell me what your situation is and what you want to accomplish .  I will recommend exactly what you need to use and do to get started.  After that no obligation correspondence, if you wish me to continue coaching you, we can set up whichever payment option you may choose.  New Orleans Voodoo is truly amazing in the results it yields but rarely do results happen overnight.   Believe me I know.  I'm here to coach you all the way through.  

Contact me at harpsketa@msn.com and we can set up a payment plan that best suits your needs.  Payments are only accepted through PayPal at the current time.


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