Friday, November 14, 2014

New Orleans Voodoo and the Miracles it Manifests

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you felt like you could almost reach out and touch it?   Yet, you didn't have a clue on how to get it. Have you ever loved someone so deeply it hurt and yet no matter what you did, they wouldn't even give you the right time of day?  Have you ever wondered about New Orleans Voodoo and what it consists of?  Oh, I know what you're thinking; evil doings  with voodoo dolls, bending people's wills, animal and human sacrifices and even consorting with the devil - WRONG!  New Orleans Voodoo was brought into this country hundreds of years ago from Haiti.  It's a religion in which the forces of nature are harnessed to help achieve whatever your heart desires.  The Voodoo saints, known as LWA (comparable to the saints of Catholicism) are petitioned for their help in achieving our deepest desires.  I know because I've been studying and practicing it for well over 10 years now and the things I've been successful in manifesting have been little short of miraculous! My published book, Voodoo or Voodon't ('t) is based on the wondrous experiences I had in using New Orleans Voodoo.  Things have come about that I never, in my wildest dreams, would have imagined possible but the fact remains that they have, still do and still never fail to amaze me.  If vou decide to follow my blog posts, I can teach you how to do the same thing.  Some of  the prerequisites are an unwavering faith, patience, tolerance and the ability to visualize (which is very easily learned).

So Why Use Voodoo Anyway?

Well, let me tell you why some people choose to use Voodoo.  Many people who use voodoo use it because they’ve exhausted every other possible resource for getting what they so desire.  Let’s just suppose, for instance, that there’s someone you’re very interested in romantically; someone who makes your heart beat wildly whenever you think of them or whenever your paths cross.  Suppose you’ve done everything you can possibly do to make that person you’re so smitten with notice you, notice that you are interested, yet you just don’t know how to draw them to you without seeming terribly forward, terribly pushy.  Maybe you’re just shy.  Maybe your heart’s desire (HD) is shy too but somehow you’ve picked up definite vibes from him or her that clearly indicate there is some kind of chemistry between the two of you.  In your heart you just know that tiny little ember could turn into a spark and then into a raging fire if only you knew how to make it happen.  Well, my friends, if there is even the slightest hint of an ember between the two of you, Voodoo is definitely the way to go.  You’re not being forward or pushy or annoying.  What you are doing is suggesting the loving feelings you want your HD to feel for you and sending them out, through your petitions, to him or her.  It’s done in the most loving and inoffensive way and it draws that special person towards you, little by little.  With your passion, faith, patience and the help of the spirits (LWA) you request the help you need to turn your desire for a relationship into a full-fledged, loving, committed relationship.  There’s no brainwashing or forcing in any way at all; just suggestive messages that reach your HD through your petitions.  It’s as simple as that.  If done properly, the results it will manifest will surely amaze you.  That is why people choose to use New Orleans Voodoo!

Are You Intrigued?

So you're finding yourself a little bit intrigued?  Well, that's good because Voodoo will provide the most enchanting, heartwarming manifestations you could ever even begin to imagine.  My altar sessions have never failed to bring me the most profound sense of peace that anyone could ever wish for; it's almost like grounding my energy.  The LWA (Voodoo saints) listen to our petitions and give us signs that they are working on whatever we request.  With the very first  altar session I ever had, I was actually lucky enough to receive audio signs, with drums beating and chanting all clearly happening.  At first I was a little nervous and frightened but as I thought about it, I knew the LWA were there listening and ready to start helping to grant my requests. Never be afraid of signs of any kind that you're being acknowledged.  The LWA are benevolent spirits there to help you.  Once again I must stress there are no animal or human sacrifices in New Orleans Voodoo, only food and trinkets that are offered up to the LWA in gratitude for their help.

Do You Have the Patience and Perseverance to Succeed?

Your faith has to be unwavering, even if you don't see things happening as quickly as you'd like to, believe me.  The LWA (Voodoo saints) that you are petitioning to are wise beyond your wildest imagination.  They know the best time for your desires to manifest themselves.  They will send you signs along the way so pay attention.  Say, for instance, you're petitioning to have the love of your life marry you.  Ok, all of a sudden you're getting emails advertising engagement rings; you're riding down the highway and "Going to the Chapel" comes on out of the blue, a song you may not have heard aired for years.  Doves are a well known symbol of peace and love.  Seeing them can clearly be interpreted as a sign.  Billboards can draw your attention with their messages; a young couple walking hand in hand on the billboard?  Don't ignore these signs.  They're a sign that the LWA are working hard on your case.  They are wise and want to grant your requests if only you will hang in there and keep the faith.  You should head over to to find the products and start-up you need to get going.  I'm always here for you.

Be Prepared for a Rollercoaster of Emotions!

Roller coaster Editorial Stock Photo

If you're using your petitions at your alter to bring the one you love and desire, (otherwise known as your heart's desire or HD), ever closer to you; to bring on the feelings of love from them that you so long for them to feel for you, be prepared to go through a roller coaster of emotions yourself. You see as you are petitioning the Loa to help draw your HD closer, a spiritual bond between yourself and your HD develops and you may begin to pick up on his or her newly acquired stronger feelings of love for you. He or she does not know where these newer, stronger feelings for you are coming from (but you do so try to be patient and have faith). Often times, the target or HD becomes frightened from the overwhelming feelings of love and desire he or she will begin to start feeling for you; this causes them to back away (try not to worry because it's only temporary) so they can process what they're feeling. Many who are quite new to voodoo will get discouraged by this and think what they're doing is not working. Believe me, this couldn't be farther from the truth! As a matter of fact, it's, more often than not, a good sign; a sign that your messages are getting through and your HD is trying to deal with these stronger feelings of love for you that he or she is suddenly feeling.

Meanwhile, the love and longing your HD is beginning to feel for you, you begin to feel so much stronger for them as well. You'll most likely go through a roller coaster of emotions before you reach your goal; love and desire, frustration in how slowly progress seems to be happening, even anger when you have to wait for a while. You want them to contact you; you long for them and become anxious to see or hear from them. It almost becomes an obsession! Contacting them while they are trying to sort out what they're feeling is counterproductive to the effectiveness of what you're trying to accomplish. In fact it's  usually a prescription for disaster! It usually causes your HD to back away even more dramatically so you should avoid reaching out to them at all costs while doing spell work on them and they are trying to process. There are magnificent tools/products you can use in the interim to keep them thinking of you and longing for you. I'll be mentioning them in my next post or two.

Vital Things to Remember

There are some very vital things to always remember when working with New Orleans Voodoo.  I can't stress them strongly enough because many of these things are the mistakes I made that greatly delayed the results I was so desperately seeking to accomplish.

1.  Always show proper respect to the LWA.  They are compassionate, benevolent spirits that will do everything in their power to help grant your request.  Bare in mind, however, they manifest things for you in the timeframe they know will be most beneficial to your case (they see and know more than we do).  As human beings, we tend to want instant gratification and if we don't see the results we want when we want to see them we throw our hands up in defeat.  "Oh this stuff doesn't work, these spirits aren't helping me, this is all bogus".  The more you allow yourself to start thinking these negative things, the more you will delay the results you want.  Trust me when I say there is nothing bogus about these religious rituals and about the results they will rend to the true believer.

2.  Do not tell any of your friends and family that you are doing these sessions.  The reason no one should know is because there will be countless doubting Thomas's out there who will feed you the negative feedback that is a prescription for disaster when it comes to Voodoo.  Your sessions are private, between yourself and the LWA.  Make sure to keep it that way at all times.

3.  No matter how impatient or frustrated you may get, never damage the materials used in your sessions; it is counterproductive.  For instance, it you're using a voodoo doll to attract the love you're  longing for.  Even if it's taking longer than what you want it to DO NOT toss it across the room or against a wall because you're so angry at what doesn't seem to be happening quite yet.  It's a delicate powerful thing that gets more powerful with each session, provided you treat it with the respect it deserves.

I will be posting more pointers in the days to come.Blog Directory

Getting Started


Ok, so you're ready to maybe test the waters?  Good for you!  You'll have to set up a private space in your home where you won't be interrupted.  My altar is actually a baker's rack; it's got plenty of room to set up whatever candles, incense, items and pictures I need during my sessions.  When my son was younger and I wanted to have an altar session (my alter was set up in my bedroom), I would tell him I needed some private time to meditate and he was fine with it  so I'd close my bedroom door, completely calm myself with deep breathing in and out for several minutes.  Then I'd sit down at the altar and begin my session which lasted for anywhere between 30-45 minutes.  It's always very important to clear everything else out of your mind during your alter session.  I always ring a small bell I have on my alter to signify the beginning of my session.  It lets the LWA know I'm starting my petition to them.  I always use the bell to mark the end of the session.  I've found playing a  cd with bongo drums softly during my altar session sets a mystical tone for it.  I began my journey with New Orleans at the spellmaker site (  They have all the products, information and help you need to get started.  The caseworkers on this site are very helpful and the Mambo, Reverend Samantha Corfield is incredibly awesome.  You might want to pay them a visit as well.