Friday, November 14, 2014

Vital Things to Remember

There are some very vital things to always remember when working with New Orleans Voodoo.  I can't stress them strongly enough because many of these things are the mistakes I made that greatly delayed the results I was so desperately seeking to accomplish.

1.  Always show proper respect to the LWA.  They are compassionate, benevolent spirits that will do everything in their power to help grant your request.  Bare in mind, however, they manifest things for you in the timeframe they know will be most beneficial to your case (they see and know more than we do).  As human beings, we tend to want instant gratification and if we don't see the results we want when we want to see them we throw our hands up in defeat.  "Oh this stuff doesn't work, these spirits aren't helping me, this is all bogus".  The more you allow yourself to start thinking these negative things, the more you will delay the results you want.  Trust me when I say there is nothing bogus about these religious rituals and about the results they will rend to the true believer.

2.  Do not tell any of your friends and family that you are doing these sessions.  The reason no one should know is because there will be countless doubting Thomas's out there who will feed you the negative feedback that is a prescription for disaster when it comes to Voodoo.  Your sessions are private, between yourself and the LWA.  Make sure to keep it that way at all times.

3.  No matter how impatient or frustrated you may get, never damage the materials used in your sessions; it is counterproductive.  For instance, it you're using a voodoo doll to attract the love you're  longing for.  Even if it's taking longer than what you want it to DO NOT toss it across the room or against a wall because you're so angry at what doesn't seem to be happening quite yet.  It's a delicate powerful thing that gets more powerful with each session, provided you treat it with the respect it deserves.

I will be posting more pointers in the days to come.Blog Directory


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