Friday, November 14, 2014

Getting Started


Ok, so you're ready to maybe test the waters?  Good for you!  You'll have to set up a private space in your home where you won't be interrupted.  My altar is actually a baker's rack; it's got plenty of room to set up whatever candles, incense, items and pictures I need during my sessions.  When my son was younger and I wanted to have an altar session (my alter was set up in my bedroom), I would tell him I needed some private time to meditate and he was fine with it  so I'd close my bedroom door, completely calm myself with deep breathing in and out for several minutes.  Then I'd sit down at the altar and begin my session which lasted for anywhere between 30-45 minutes.  It's always very important to clear everything else out of your mind during your alter session.  I always ring a small bell I have on my alter to signify the beginning of my session.  It lets the LWA know I'm starting my petition to them.  I always use the bell to mark the end of the session.  I've found playing a  cd with bongo drums softly during my altar session sets a mystical tone for it.  I began my journey with New Orleans at the spellmaker site (  They have all the products, information and help you need to get started.  The caseworkers on this site are very helpful and the Mambo, Reverend Samantha Corfield is incredibly awesome.  You might want to pay them a visit as well.

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