Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So What is a Met Tet?

(retrieved from "Voodoo", 2002 by Shannon R. Turlington)

Although, as a practitioner of Voodoo, over time, you will develop a special relationship with many of the LWA, each person who practices has a particularly special relationship with one specific LWA. This LWA is called the met tet, which literally means the master of the head because it is said that they sit on your head and watch over you.  Your met tet acts as your guardian throughout life.  To find out who your met tet is, you can consult with a Voodoo Mambo (Rev. Samantha Corfield from www.spellmaker.com provides this service).  With the knowledge of who your met tet is comes a great responsibility, though.  Once you learn who your met tet is, it really is your responsibility to honor and serve them on a regular basis (as in leaving offerings, honoring them specifically in altar sessions, etc.) for the rest of your life.  They are watching over you so it’s only right you honor and serve them as well.

Although consulting a Mambo to find out who your met tet is is probably the best way to go, there are ways you can come to know your guardian on your own.  It’s possible for this LWA to come to you in dreams OR from your being drawn to particular objects throughout your life; objects that symbolize a certain LWA.   For instance, if you’ve always been particularly drawn to the ocean, Lasirene or Agwe might very well be your met tet.  Still, consulting with a voodoo mambo is the most certain way to find out.

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