Thursday, November 13, 2014

About Ogoun Badagris

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Ogoun Badagris is  the Lwa of war and battle.  You pray to Ogoun Badagris to clear your path of obstacles. 

Ogoun Badagris is a fierce Lwa who sends down powerful storms over human beings. As Ogoun Badagris, he may lift a person up and carry him or her around to indicate his special attention and patronage. He is the Voodoo God of might, power and triumph through obstacles. His mighty machete can clear any obstacles in your path. Ogoun Badagris by voodoo hymn "throws" lightning and thunder.

His symbols include;  a sabre stuck in the earth.   Offerings for Ogoun would also include
  alcohol, chili with cayenne pepper, tobacco (especially a good cigar), meat (cooked only enough so that it is still pink), metal filings and gunpowder.

His color is red.  His special day is Wednesday.  He also goes by the name General Ogoun. He is the equivalent of Catholicism's St. George.

His symbol or veve is:

Image of St. George

  Both of which should be on your altar if you're petitioning Ogoun.

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