Thursday, November 13, 2014

And So You Saw a Rose?

Ok, so you’ve decided to use spell work and even some of the adjunct work to manifest what you want?  So far you’re seeing nothing or so you think; no contact, no sighting, no nothing from your heart’s desire (HD).  But what are you seeing that you’re not taking notice of?  What are you feeling that you’re not attributing to anything but you’re very own feelings?  What are you hearing that you’re not paying attention to?  Seeing, they say, is believing but some very distinct signs are the LWA’s way of letting you know that things ARE being working out, things ARE happening.  The LWA send signs, if only you take notice, if only you can make yourself believe something IS indeed manifesting from all your work; if only you allow yourself to be encouraged when seeing the signs that come to you in different ways, every single day. The weather has now begun to reach freezing and sub-freezing temperatures.  In fact, some of us have even gotten moderate if not huge amounts of snow.  Still, you’re walking down the avenue when all of a sudden, you happen to notice one beautiful red rose popping its head up through all the snow, despite the frigid temps.  Just a freak of nature you think to yourself?  Hardly!  A freak of nature in front of your very eyes when you’re doing spell work on that special person is just too much of a coincidence;  not only a freak of nature but a rose, no less.  The very symbol of love and romance right there for you to notice.  Take time to notice the rose, notice the music that comes on that relates to your situation.  Take time to notice the deepest feelings of love that you are currently feeling for your HD; feelings that your HD is probably feeling for you as well even if he or she isn’t stepping forward quite yet. Take notice of the little things that are signs, my friends, because they make it blatantly obvious that your requests are being worked on. Faith is believing, not in coincidences but, in the signs; signs like that beautiful red rose that you saw!

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