Thursday, November 13, 2014

What Is Florida Water?

Florida water is named after the Fountain of Youth located in Florida.  It is a strong perfume used as an antiseptic for the cleansing of spiritual wounds.  It can also be sprinkled around the inside and outside of the house for protection, used as a floor wash or even dabbed on behind the ears like the perfume that it is, for protection.  I’ve always sprinkled it on my altar before each session to insure a spiritually clean and protected space.  Florida water can be bought in most botanical shops (shops that carry magickal supplies) however, you can also make it yourself using the following recipe.  You’ll need one ounce of benzoin gum, two ounces of dried bergamot and three ounces of dried cinnamon bark, (all of which I purchase from on line magic shops, although they should be available at most herbal or health food stores).  To these you will add two pints of 75-proof alcohol.  When you’ve gotten it all mixed together, you allow it to stand for nine days and then simply distribute the liquid into small bottles that you can use.  It makes for a very powerful cleansing and protection liquid that can be used in your Voodoo rituals as well as for every day protection.

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