Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why and How Are Candles Used in Voodoo?

Candles are a very important part of Voodoo spell work.  Each individual candle color has its own distinct energy/power.  The flame of the candle is instrumental in getting the messages you wish to send delivered.  Whatever color is being used for whatever specific purpose, the candle must be the same color through and through or the effects of it are greatly diminished; in other words if the red candle you’re using to attract love is red on the outside but you notice, as it begins to burn, that the inside is pink or white, it just doesn’t work as well, if at all.  It is said that candles when combined with prayer and faith can produce miracles.  In fact, there is an old Chinese proverb that says it is “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.  Before using the candle, and to give your spell work/your intention a little extra push, you should engrave into it the target of your specific desire.  For instance if you are using a red candle to attract love to yourself, you might engrave a special person’s name onto the candle horizontally or vertically.  If you have no one in mind, you might engrave something like “new love” or “romance” or “new love relationship”  You might even engrave some hearts; hearts represent love.  After carving the candle, you would dress or anoint it by rubbing the appropriate oil  first on your hands and then in an up and down motion, from the middle to the top and then the top to the bottom, covering the entire candle; no need to drench it, a light coating is all that is needed.  Some people also coat it with the appropriate herbs specific to your intention ( is a good place to order oils and herbs that have already been blessed by a Voodoo Queen, by the way).  Another example would be if you’re using a green candle to attract money, you might engrave on the candle such things as money, wealth, prosperity or even a specific amount you are seeking.  The real magick of burning candles for spell work is your ability to raise the energy needed to manifest your desired results.

A very basic description of what some of the colors are used for is:
Green:  abundance, success, wealth, money

Red:  love, strength, health, passion, lust, attraction, magnetism
Blue:  communication, love, peace, truth, harmony, health, happiness

White:  spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, healing, purity, protection
       *Note: white can be used in place of any other candle color and for any ritual

Pink:  love, friendship, faith, tenderness, unconditional love, peace
Brown:  friendships, balance, material prosperity, psychic powers, protecting pets, finding lost items 

Purple:  psychic powers, spirituality, success, spiritual protection, confidence, wisdom, healing

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