Thursday, November 13, 2014

Candle Colors

Candle Colors and Their Uses
By courtesy of Alvarado, D. (2011). The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, Weiser Books.

If you’re planning to sit at your altar and petition for something you want to be able to manifest, it is important to know what candles and their particular color functions are.  Any candles used should be through and through the color you’re using.  In other words, if you dig into a green candle with your fingernail and find the color beneath is white or anything but green, it’s not a good candle to use.  You can buy through and through color candles at any new age stores or any magic shops on line. 

Now, each color is especially good for whatever your particular goal is.

Here is a list of candle colors and what they are best used for:

White – Works for protection, healing, cleansing and blessings. 

Red – is most useful for love, passion, romance, affection, lust, fertility.

Purple – is most useful for power, psychic ability, commanding, compelling and/or controlling.  This color is most used for power and the ability to have control over a situation. 

Green – This is the color associated with money and money spells, wealth and prosperity, gambling, good luck and success in business.  When you want to exert power over anything to do with money, green is the color to use.

Black - Used to remove evil or to send harm.  It repels negativity and helps to banish negative people from your life.  Black is also used for hexes, jinxes and curses.  Careful consideration should be taken before trying to curse or harm someone.  It can backfire and cause the spell caster to suffer horribly.

Yellow – Used for clarity, communication, fast action, success, court cases and doing well at school.

Pink - Associated with drawing love, success, friendship/s, romance and attraction.

Blue – Used for health, peace, harmony and abundance.  Well used to create harmony and peace in a relationship. 

Brown – Used for material blessings, help in court cases and neutrality.  Orange – works in changing plans and creativity. 

Orange – works in issues of changing plans, control and creativity.

Double Action Color Combos

Red and Black – Works to remove a love jinx or remove obstacles and open the paths for new opportunities.

White and Black – Works to remove negative energy and draw positivity and blessings.  Also useful in reversing a curse by sending the evil energy back to the sender.

Green and Black – Used to remove money jinxes, eliminate debt and draw money, wealth and abundance.

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