Thursday, November 13, 2014

More About the Candles You Use

Aside from the fact that candle colors play a big part in what kind of magick you are doing, there are some things you should keep in mind; important things so listen up.

1.     You should never blow out a candle that you’re using for magickal purposes.  Always snuff it out using a candle snuffer, a spoon or you can even pinch it out but never blow it out.  Your breath is adding to the very essence of the candle and you don’t want to blow the magic away.


2.       Always use virgin candles; candles that have been unused for any other purpose, in other words.  Any candle that has been used before, for whatever purpose (candles that have been used for other rituals, candlelit dinners, memorial purposes, emergency candles, etc.), carries with it negative energies which will interfere with your intended purpose, consequently making it highly ineffective.


3.       All candles should be dressed (anointed) before beginning to use them for any magickal purpose.  Dressing the candle develops a psychic connection between the candle and yourself. Touching the candle as you dress it, charges it with your own personal energy, your own personal vibrations.  It also embeds the desire of your magick into the wax.  The candle actually becomes an extension of your mental power and life energy.


4.       By physically touching the candle during the dressing procedure, you are charging it with our own personal vibrations and also concentrating the desire of your magical act into the wax. The candle is becoming an extension of your mental power and life energy.


5.       Last but not least, always burn your candle all the way down (be it in one session or in several consecutive sessions).  Once you’ve burned it down all the way, make sure it is completely out and disposed of in the proper way.


Please, my friends, never leave a candle unattended unless you have it in a fire-proof container and out of the reach of people and/or pets.

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