Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Famous Red Mummy Candle

The Red Mummy Candle ( is probably the most amazing voodoo tool I ever employed the use of and it continues to be my favorite. When my heart's desire (HD) began to feel the effects of the spell work I was casting on him, he backed away dramatically (it was so hard to temporarily be without him).  This happened many times during the course of my spell work on him, in fact.  It was then that I began using the Red Mummy Candle once a day until I heard from him or saw him again. Sometimes it worked quickly (after consistently using it for about a month or so) and other times (when I first started using it) it took longer. I began to realize the power and effectiveness of this amazing candle once my HD began telling me how no matter where he was, what he was doing or who he was with he couldn't get the longing for me out of his thoughts. My petition always said “No matter where you are, what you're doing or who you're with, strong, loving feelings of me are always on your mind”. Is there a better sign that I was getting through?

What is the Red Mummy Candle and what does it do?  It is designed and consecrated to help keep thoughts of yourself in your HD's mind when he or she draws away from you (probably to process or sort out the stronger feelings they are having for you from the spellwork you are performing on them). Used correctly and consistently, it will help send loving thoughts of you to them to keep you always on their mind; to keep them longing for you and loving you more and more. The more it's used, the more powerful it becomes so consistency, patience and unwavering faith are all very vital to your success. When I would do a session, I'd always look directly into the candle flame and visualize my HD lovingly smiling back at me and taking in all my messages to him. There was something about the herb used to dress the candle that would create a swirling, misty type of smoke that entranced me and helped me to really believe just how powerful my sessions were. I strongly suggest you use the Famous Red Mummy candle at the spellmaker site as it has all the herbs, oil and magic symbol that make your sessions that much stronger. There are other spiritual, mystical candle shops that you can also purchase from and trying them later in your spell work is fine but starting with the one at the spellmaker site is strongly advised. You will need to make up a petition to use in your sessions (which can be added to as time goes on if you wish). I will be posting some sample petitions in the near future but I've always felt your own words are the best to use. You know your situation better than anyone else does and within your words lie the desire and passion needed to make the session as powerful as possible. Like I've said, the Famous Red Mummy Candle, if used properly and with the faith needed, is amazing in drawing that one you love ever closer to you.

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