Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sample Red Mummy Petition

The Red Mummy Candle 
The  Red Mummy Candle was always my favorite product to use when petitioning my HD.  It was my favorite because, even though it took a few months of constant use for the effects to start kicking in, (on a daily basis, in other words), the repo ire and energy I built up in it's residual use was totally amazing!  My HD always responded to my petitions, whether by phone contact or paying me a surprise visit.  In the flame of the candle, I was able to visualize him smiling back at me and taking in every word I was sending him. As with the other candles I've posted sample petitions of, I have to stress that focus, patience, perseverance and an unwavering faith are all vital components of your success.  The best place to start with this product (The Famous Red Mummy Candle) is at although there are other on line stores you can buy them at later on down the line.
Now here is a small sample of the start of a petition using the Red Mummy Candle.
HD (heart's desire's name), my precious love, my precious heart, I've lit this magnificent and powerfully mystical Red Mummy Candle to send you messages to think of me every hour of your precious life with a deep, passionate and very true love.  As you do, you will find yourself having the irresistible urge to get in touch with me, either by picking up the telephone and calling me or by stopping over to my house to see me.  You simply have no choice because when you are away from me, your heart torments you constantly telling you that where you are supposed to be, where you feel the most secure and at peace, is in the loving arms of the one person who loves you mind, body and soul and you now know in your heart that that person is me and only me.  No matter where you go, what you're doing or who you're with, I'm sending you clear loving messages to think of me with a deep and true love and a passionate desire.....
(this is a small example of the start of your Red Mummy Candle petition.  The object is to send your HD messages to think of you all the time with love and desire.  Once again, you can add more to this to custom fit your case and your HD)

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