Wednesday, November 12, 2014

White Image Candles


White image candles are used to burn away any negativity between you and your heart's desire. They can also be used on yourself to remove all negativity you may be experiencing about your relationship with the target of your spell work (for instance when you're getting overly distraught about it taking so long for your HD to process your spell work, resulting in them temporarily backing away) If you're a male you would use the female candles to represent your HD, if you're female, the male image candles would be used and if you're homosexual or lesbian, you would use the candles that represent your HD.   I used them each and every time my HD backed away to process his feelings for me. I had great success in being able to soothe my HD's fears, feelings of being overwhelmed and confusion.

The white image candles come in sets of three; one for the mind, one for the body and one for the spirit and petitions need to be made up for each one. They are truly amazing candles when it comes to burning away any and all negativity. They can be purchased at Of course, as with any other tools you may use, sessions with them need to be done with unwavering faith in what they are manifesting for you.

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