Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sample White Image Candles Petitions

The white image candles come in sets of 3; one for the mind, one for the body and one for the spirit.  They are burned individually and are used individually (first the mind, then the body and last the spirit) to burn away any negativity your HD (heart's desire) may have once you begin to petition him or her (white female candles are used by males, white male candles are used by females and if you are homosexual or lesbian, you would use the image candle that represents the one you're petitioning to).  It's not uncommon for your HD (also known as the target) to back away temporarily from the newer, stronger feelings of love they find themselves having for you.  The white image candles help to soothe those feelings of fear and uncertainty when used faithfully and consistently.  You can also use them on yourself  if you're feeling insecure and stressed about how quickly your efforts are progressing.  They can be bought at  This is the site I used to start using them.

Here are the starts of sample petitions for each one.  Each case is different and you know your case better than anyone else so as you begin using them, you can personalize your petition to fit your particular situation.  My sessions generally last for about 15 to 20 minutes.

 White Image Candle for the Mind 
HD (your heart's desire's name), my precious love, my precious heart, I'm petitioning you to help remove any negative energy from your thoughts  as I work to bring you closer to me.  As this powerfully white male image candle which represents you and your mind, melts down  so do all of your negative thoughts and fears about having a relationship with me.  All of your negative thoughts are hereby permanently and irrevocably  banished, never again to enter your mind.  They are replaced with thoughts of love and peace and happiness.  Just as this powerfully protective white image candle is surrounded by a positive white glow,  so are all of your thoughts about coming to me, being with me and loving me.  This candle is serving to keep all of your thoughts positive, bringing you peace, joy and a jubilantly positive outlook on your love for me and only me.....
(this is a small sample of a start to a petition; as I've said you should add more that custom fits your HD and your caseTry to visualize your HD lovingly taking in all that you are telling him or her.  It gives the session so much more power).
White Image Candle for the Body

HD, my precious love, my precious heart and desire, this white male image candle represents your body and serves to keep the passionate love and desire that you feel in your heart ever ignited for me and only for me.  As this candle burns searing hot so does your relentless desire to be with me.  It keeps passionate feelings of  being with me and making love to me on your mind every minute of every hour of every day.  You go to bed at night wanting to be with me, to make love to me and you wake up in the morning sweating from the passion of your dreams and with the desperately urgent desire to be closer to me, to make love to me over and over and over again.  As this candle burns down, so does your ability to stay away and refrain from being intimately close to me....
(once again, this  is just a small sample of a start to a petition; add onto it to fit your situation and feel the passion of what you are relaying to your HD.  The more you feel it, the more your HD will and once again, visualize, visualize, visualize your HD feeling the desire and the passion you are sending out to him or her.  It makes a world of difference in how successful your sessions are).

White Image Candle for the Spirit
HD, my precious love, my precious heart, this white male image candle represents your spirit and serves to have you reflect  on what your relationship with me boils down to in the very depths of your very soul. All negativity that has plagued your soul regarding a loving relationship with me is burning away with the melting of this powerful white candle and being replaced with a positive, soothing serenity that assures you that our love was meant to be.  Your findings in this reflection bring you a cathartic, positive sense of being totally cleansed of negative energy, thoughts and fears.  Just as this mystical white candle is burning down, so is all negativity that is plaguing your very soul about your loving relationship with me.  All negative energy is now being replaced with only positive energy and your innate and permanent inner knowledge that your love for me is real, permanent and meant to be.  This  inner knowing, this euphorically positive energy draws you to me now with greater frequency and a much greater sense of serenity and certainty.......
(just a starter sample but it gives the gist of which direction your heading in with your petition with this candle; ease his or her fears, reassure him or her that they are no longer afraid and uncertain about their feelings for you and visualize as much as you possibly can)

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