Thursday, November 13, 2014

About the LWA Sobo

The LWA Sobo is also a warrior, a spirit of great strength.  Because of his strength his followers often summon his help for security and protection.  He is said to also have healing power and is constantly called upon to cure illness of supernatural origin.

Sobo, as well as his brother/companion, Bade, are often called upon for help with money and security.  Although his Catholic counterparts are Saint Cosmas and Saint Damien, he is commonly portrayed as Thor because of his great strength.  Sobo is the spirit of the sky and is said to control thunder and rain (while Bade controls the wind). Together they hold control over the elements of nature and are called upon to help you feel secure, as in having the basics of life like shelter, food, money.  Therefore, if it’s wealth and security your seeking, Sobo is the LWA petition for help.

Sobo is the equivalent of:

Saint Cosmas and Saint Damien

Sobo is often portrayed as Thor because of his power and strength

The veve for Sobo is:

Colors:  White and Lemon

Offerings:  Goat meat, mutton

Days:  Any time, Any day




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