Thursday, November 13, 2014

Picture of a Basic Altar Setup

A very basic New Orleans Voodoo altar might look like this picture.  You see a sword or saber (the very powerful LWA Ogoun is good at helping to fight off your problems and a saber or sword is placed on the altar to honor him)  You see an incense burner, an orange candle (probably to represent the color symbol for what you are petitioning for), a crystal which always helps to keep the energy in your session positive, a white candle, also to keep your session free of negativity and negative spirits and what appear to be some pictures (perhaps of deceased ancestors who you have invited to join the ceremony; they can be a great help to you in these rituals.  They loved you on earth and they love you in the spirit world just as much). You can also see a chain with a cross and a saint metal attached.  You can't have too much blessing and protection while you perform your petition.  You might also want to include pictures of the saints represented by the LWA.  I know I always included a picture of St. Peter who represents Alegba who opens the doors of communication for you to begin your petition to the LWA you are petitioning to.  I will also  very shortly have a blog equating the LWA to the saints in catholocism so you know who they are and what they can do for you, along with candle colors to use for your exact petitions.

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