Thursday, November 13, 2014

About Your Altar

In the previous post I gave you an example of what a basic altar setup should look like.  Please try to bear in mind that your altar is a very sacred spot and should always be respected as such.    If you don’t have the total privacy you need, you can disassemble your altar after each session and reassemble it when you’re ready to use it again.  If however, you’re lucky enough to be able to keep your altar up without fear of anyone seeing it, that’s great but just remember to always keep it neat and clean.  Don’t use it as a spot to put down pens, pencils, jewelry, loose change, etc.  This is a very special spot that you’ve set up to talk to the LWA and make your requests to them known.  It’s a very sacred spot so keep it clutter free and clean.  I only have my son living in the house with me and he rarely, if ever, goes into my bedroom where my altar is set up so I keep it up and just use a large, white cloth to cover its contents when I’m not using it (if you decide to do this, make sure that all candles and incense are completely out and cooled off before covering its contents; you don’t want to start a fire).  Keeping your altar uncluttered and clean shows reverence and respect to the LWA your petitioning.

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