Friday, November 14, 2014

Be Prepared for a Rollercoaster of Emotions!

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If you're using your petitions at your alter to bring the one you love and desire, (otherwise known as your heart's desire or HD), ever closer to you; to bring on the feelings of love from them that you so long for them to feel for you, be prepared to go through a roller coaster of emotions yourself. You see as you are petitioning the Loa to help draw your HD closer, a spiritual bond between yourself and your HD develops and you may begin to pick up on his or her newly acquired stronger feelings of love for you. He or she does not know where these newer, stronger feelings for you are coming from (but you do so try to be patient and have faith). Often times, the target or HD becomes frightened from the overwhelming feelings of love and desire he or she will begin to start feeling for you; this causes them to back away (try not to worry because it's only temporary) so they can process what they're feeling. Many who are quite new to voodoo will get discouraged by this and think what they're doing is not working. Believe me, this couldn't be farther from the truth! As a matter of fact, it's, more often than not, a good sign; a sign that your messages are getting through and your HD is trying to deal with these stronger feelings of love for you that he or she is suddenly feeling.

Meanwhile, the love and longing your HD is beginning to feel for you, you begin to feel so much stronger for them as well. You'll most likely go through a roller coaster of emotions before you reach your goal; love and desire, frustration in how slowly progress seems to be happening, even anger when you have to wait for a while. You want them to contact you; you long for them and become anxious to see or hear from them. It almost becomes an obsession! Contacting them while they are trying to sort out what they're feeling is counterproductive to the effectiveness of what you're trying to accomplish. In fact it's  usually a prescription for disaster! It usually causes your HD to back away even more dramatically so you should avoid reaching out to them at all costs while doing spell work on them and they are trying to process. There are magnificent tools/products you can use in the interim to keep them thinking of you and longing for you. I'll be mentioning them in my next post or two.

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