Friday, November 14, 2014

Do You Have the Patience and Perseverance to Succeed?

Your faith has to be unwavering, even if you don't see things happening as quickly as you'd like to, believe me.  The LWA (Voodoo saints) that you are petitioning to are wise beyond your wildest imagination.  They know the best time for your desires to manifest themselves.  They will send you signs along the way so pay attention.  Say, for instance, you're petitioning to have the love of your life marry you.  Ok, all of a sudden you're getting emails advertising engagement rings; you're riding down the highway and "Going to the Chapel" comes on out of the blue, a song you may not have heard aired for years.  Doves are a well known symbol of peace and love.  Seeing them can clearly be interpreted as a sign.  Billboards can draw your attention with their messages; a young couple walking hand in hand on the billboard?  Don't ignore these signs.  They're a sign that the LWA are working hard on your case.  They are wise and want to grant your requests if only you will hang in there and keep the faith.  You should head over to to find the products and start-up you need to get going.  I'm always here for you.

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