Friday, November 14, 2014

Are You Intrigued?

So you're finding yourself a little bit intrigued?  Well, that's good because Voodoo will provide the most enchanting, heartwarming manifestations you could ever even begin to imagine.  My altar sessions have never failed to bring me the most profound sense of peace that anyone could ever wish for; it's almost like grounding my energy.  The LWA (Voodoo saints) listen to our petitions and give us signs that they are working on whatever we request.  With the very first  altar session I ever had, I was actually lucky enough to receive audio signs, with drums beating and chanting all clearly happening.  At first I was a little nervous and frightened but as I thought about it, I knew the LWA were there listening and ready to start helping to grant my requests. Never be afraid of signs of any kind that you're being acknowledged.  The LWA are benevolent spirits there to help you.  Once again I must stress there are no animal or human sacrifices in New Orleans Voodoo, only food and trinkets that are offered up to the LWA in gratitude for their help.

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