Thursday, November 13, 2014

What Is the Perfect Altar Session?

Ok, I just want to tell you a little bit about what contributed to my experiencing the most powerful altar sessions (and my sessions were and still are unbelievably powerful and effective).  Sitting down to petition the LWA should be more than a tedious task you take on to “just get to the results you want”.  If that’s how you’re going about it, it may take a long time to get what you want.  When I get ready to sit down at the altar and start petitioning, I take several deep breaths and erase all my life’s problems and worries from my mind.  Admittedly, it takes a little practice because that argument you had with a co-worker, that bill that is severely delinquent, that remark your brother made that hurt your feelings and a multitude of other things will creep in and temporarily detract from your complete focus on what you are petitioning for, if you let them.  When you get those disturbing thoughts in your head, immediately cancel them out (I actually think “cancel, cancel” to myself when intrusive thoughts try to invade) and get right back to focusing on what you are asking for help with.  You are, after all, petitioning for the help of the LWA, the Universe, to give you what you want, right?  Have you ever spoken to a friend on the phone or even in person, who is so wrapped up in texting or using their computer, or whatever, that they miss half of what you’re saying to them?  How frustrating is that?   Well, the LWA are your spiritual friends and if you’re coming to them for help, it’s really not nice and definitely not effective to have your mind on something else while petitioning for their help.  I found the best way to accomplish this was to, first of all, make sure that I am not interrupted in any way; a phone ringing, a knock on the door, a partner or children calling out to me.  I make it known to all the people I know and love that for a certain amount of time, I will need to be left alone so I can meditate and that I will be unavailable to answer them in any way at all.  My telephone has an answering machine so during that time, it can take any calls I have.   I always make it a practice to not only state my petition but imagine everything I’m petitioning for as already having happened.  I wanted my HD (heart’s desire) to draw ever closer to me so during my petition, that’s what I visualized as already having happened.  I wanted him to call me more frequently; I visualized him on the telephone calling me.  I wanted him to make me the #1 priority in his life; I visualized him putting me before his friends, family and any other girls.  Doing this packs a mighty punch, believe me.  Not only that but it makes each session almost euphoric because you’re actually seeing what you want to happen, allowing your psyche to believe it is already a reality.  I always walk away from my altar, at the end of a session, with the most unbelievably sacred sense of peace and love imaginable.  In fact, my altar sessions overcome any negative feelings I may have been experiencing at the start and replaces them with positive feelings.  Needless to say, I actually look forward to them, treasure them and bask in the warm feelings I get each and every time.  My altar sessions are not a task, they’re a pleasure.   Your unwavering faith in the power of the LWA and your own personal power is of the essence as well.  If you can’t believe in your own power and the unparalleled power of the LWA, if you can't believe, really believe in your heart and soul, that  something is in the process of happening, how can you ever really expect it to happen?

Reverence to the LWA has always been a very important part of my rituals.  I honor the LWA by leaving offerings as often as I can.  They are working on my behalf so I make it a part of life to show gratitude to them by leaving offerings for them.  They appreciate my effort and extend their help to me in anything I petition them for.

Having just the right atmosphere, the right frame of mind and total focus all contribute to your success in doing spell work.

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