Thursday, November 13, 2014

Your Heart's Desire Has Contacted You - What Do You Do?

(for all intents and purposes he or him is being used for gender but it applies for she or her as well)

Ok, so you’ve done the love spells and it’s been a few days, maybe even a few weeks since you’ve seen or heard from your HD (heart’s desire).  Your heart is beating like crazy and you’re thinking maybe this spell work is working after all.  Well, the thing is, you don’t want to try to rush things along; in other words let him take the lead and you can follow.  If he says I’ve missed you, “I missed you too” is fine.  If he says he’d like to maybe take you to see a movie or out for dinner, accept graciously but like I said, let him take the lead.  Don’t immediately start asking things like where he’s been, what he’s been doing, what he’s feeling for you or when you’ll see him again.  Remember, he is still processing the spell work and any of these pushy type inquiries are actually confrontations.  Confrontation is lethal to the effectiveness of what you’re trying to accomplish.  I know how hard it is to hold back, but hold back is really what you need to do at this point.  He may even tell you he’ll give you a call tonight or tomorrow night and then not follow through.  This is a very tender time for him, a time when he’s trying to process all the stronger onslaught of feelings he’s having for you so hang in there.  If you feel the need to tell him how anxious you are to see him again or how taken you are with him, pull out the adjunct work (red mummy, image candles, love doll, etc.) and express your feelings to him through your petitions with them.  Now, if he has started coming forward with some frequency and say his birthday or Christmas is rolling around, a light hearted card sending him warm and loving greetings is fine; nothing too serious because you don’t want to have him recoil back from you again.  Nice and easy does it.  Any kind of contact while he processes is definitely a good sign so take it as such, keep the faith and keep doing what you’re doing.

*Back at the time I was doing spell work on my HD, I came to find out that if he let out too much of what he was feeling, inevitably he would back away for a while because he actually scared himself by letting too much emotion out at one time.  What I would do when that happened, was to pull out the white male image candles and work with them to help soothe his fears.  They worked like a charm!

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