Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cocktail Hour With the LWA

Cocktail Hour

There are times that you might want to have a cocktail hour with the LWA. Cocktail hour is the perfect opportunity to spend time with the LWA that help you in accomplishing your goals. I often chose Erzulie because she helped me so much with my case with my HD (heart's desire) but you can substitute any LWA that you want to spend some very special time with.


A high ball of Rum for Papa Alegba (Alegba opens the gates of communication to all LWA and ancestors and he likes Rum; he also likes shiny pennies and toys like the cars and trucks that matchbox makes).

I would include sweets and any kind of sparkling jewelry for Erzulie. Often times, I would include a glass pink champagne as these are the favored offerings for Erzulie. You would include offerings for whatever LWA you want to talk to.

A white candle like the grocery stores sells tapered, straight, etc.
Any sweet smelling incense.

When you set down the high ball for Alegba, say “This is for you Alegba”.

Now, say aloud, “Hey Legba! Let my words carry to the other side. Open the gates, please, Alegba. Let the helpers pass over” (Pause) Thank you!”

Clap your hands three times and say aloud:

Erzulie, Erzulie, Erzulie Freda, please come join me for a cocktail hour”. (or call upon whichever LWA you want. Pick up the champagne, hold it out and to your left and say, “Erzulie, this is for you”. Tben place the glass back down on your alter.

Light the incense.

Light the white candle. As you light it, say “Erzulie, Erzulie, Erzulie Freda, thank you for joining me for cocktail hour. I appreciate your spending time with me!”

After you light the candle, pick up one of the glasses and clink it to the other as a toast and say “A sante, mes amis” (pronounced AH SUNTAY MAYS AHMEE) Note: It's a courtesy ritual to toast to health although we know the LWA are not corporeal beings.

Now just sit there and talk to Alegba and Erzulie (or whatever LWA you've decided to spend this time with) like they are your precious helpers and friends. Tell them how your life is going, how your case is progressing; whatever you want to talk to them about. Thank them for being there and for all the things they are doing to try and help you. If it makes it any easier, talk to them as you would talk to a good friend and confidant in a phone conversation.

When you're done with your cocktail hour (and, no it doesn't have to be for a whole hour. It can be as long as you want), extinguish the candle either by pinching it out with your fingers or using a spoon or a candle snuffer – never blow it out. Say “Thank you Erzulie, if it pleases you, you may depart now”. Then say to Alegba “Thank you Papa Alegba, if it pleases you, you may close the gates now”.

Later, take the rum/champagne offerings outside and pour them down at any appropriate site (as in under a tree, near the corner of any intersection, at a wooden fence post, telephone pole or lamp post). If you're afraid of being seen or noticed, you can also pour them down the drain. Food or trinket offerings can be left at these locations as well (if you're afraid of being seen or noticed, you can also dispose of them in a brown paper bag (always paper) and throw them into a trash can. I always give a quiet little thank you to them when leaving offerings.

This ritual can be done anytime you feel like talking with the LWA. It never hurts to stay in close contact with them and to show them your appreciation for all they are doing to help you.

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