Thursday, November 13, 2014

Atmosphere Is So Very Important

Whenever you have a session at your altar, creating the perfect atmosphere is so very important.  For me, dimming the lights and having the session totally from start to finish, by candle light, created just the right frame of mind for me to be able to really get into the purpose of the session.  The sweet smelling incense delighted my senses and got me in the mood.   A small photo on my altar of my HD (heart’s desire) smiling back at me throughout the session also worked wonders.  Whenever I used my love doll, I would have very light, romantic, music playing in the background to help set the tone.  The more focused you can get on what you’re striving for, the better and nothing beats having just the right atmosphere.  If you’re feeling the emotions, the love and exhilaration, so is the one you’re petitioning for.  My spell work was primarily for love but the same thing goes for anything you might be trying to manifest through spell work; if it’s a money spell you’re working on, for instance, you can create a check from the Universe on your altar for however much you’re trying to manifest. It will be a check you can repeatedly look at and imagine as being real as you complete each session.  The atmosphere, combined with the visual accompaniment of what it is that you want to accomplish, work towards making your sessions the most powerful they can be.

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