Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Visualization and Voodoo Spellwork

Being able to visualize when you're petitioning at your altar is such an important part of the ultimate success of what you're trying to accomplish, I can't stress it enough; it takes a bit of practice for some but believe me it's well worth the effort!  Like I posted before, start your session by first completely calming  yourself with a few deep breaths.  Clear everything out of your mind (random thoughts will no doubt come into your mind; for me, just mentally saying "cancel, cancel" would help to make them pass; I did that as many times as necessary).  Once you've started your session and your petition, look directly into the flame of the candle and picture what you are petitioning for as though it's already come to pass (almost like mentally looking at a huge movie screen with your heart's desire's face on it).  For instance, if you're petitioning for your heart's desire to draw ever closer to you, see that person's face in the flame smiling lovingly back at you; not only smiling back at you but taking in and accepting all the messages you're sending.  Feel the feelings of love and tenderness just as you would if your heart's desire were actually right there with you; feel it, enjoy it, believe it. If you notice the flame beginning to flicker wildly, it's a good sign.  It's an excellent sign that your messages are hitting the target of your session.  Now, this system may take a bit of practice but once you've mastered it the things that will start to manifest will surprise and amaze you.

If it's money you're petitioning for, look into the flame of the candle and visualize your bank accounts all with large balances.  Visualize all your bills already being paid and the jubilant feelings you have that your financial burden is totally lifted from your life.  Your sense of reality, of it already having happened is what renders the power of the session.  The more this procedure is done, the easier it becomes and even more importantly the more powerful your sessions will become.  Your belief, unwavering faith in the LWA and patience are all vital!

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