Monday, December 9, 2013

You Are Strong and Powerful

So, if you’ve been following my posts and are trying your hand at New Orleans Voodoo, you should be feeling very strong and extremely powerful, even if you haven’t see any physical results. You should be feeling very strong and powerful, never the less and why? Because you’re sending powerful messages out into the universe that are slowly but surely reaching out to the target of your spell work.  Try to visualize the target of your spell work receiving your messages, taking them in and processing them; imagine it because that is exactly what is happening and it’s strengthened by your unwavering belief, your patience and your visualizing it as already having been accomplished.  Thoughts of “this isn’t working” or “I can’t make it happen” only slow down the progress of your case. Anger and impatience tend to do the same thing. Please know that your power is actually increasing more and more with each session you have.

Remember to be good to the LWA that are serving you by leaving their favorite offerings and honoring them often.  For instance, when I was working on my HD, especially when I hadn’t heard from him for a while, not only would I do daily love doll and/or red mummy candle sessions, I would drop nice shiny pennies at the intersections to ask for Alegba’s help in keeping the lines of communication between  me and my HD open.  For Erzulie I left many, many offerings of sweets like cake and candies.  The LWA really want to be honored for the work they do to help us with our requests.  Although it may seem to be taking a while, if you’re petitioning for love, try to bear in mind that often times anything that starts too quickly also tends to end  just as quickly; slowly but surely is the key.  If you’re feeling impatient, frustrated or very unhappy over how your case is progressing, please don’t hesitate to email me and I will help walk you through those tough times.  I don’t charge a dime and I’m always here for you.  I’ve been through it and even though I loved and desired my HD with all my heart, believe me,  without the wonderful caseworker I was fortunate enough to have, I would’ve thrown in the towel.  I’m sure glad I didn’t now though.

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