Thursday, October 23, 2014

How About Revenge?

You’re totally frustrated, angry and ready to get back at whoever you believe ruined or is ruining your life, ruining your chances for this relationship?  You want to make them hurt as much as they’re hurting you, do you?  Well, it’s not the best idea to use voodoo for dark purposes or retribution because unless it is unquestionably warranted, you could have a karmic backlash and you certainly don’t want that.  There are very effective spells specifically focused on getting an intruder (a potential threat to any relationship between you and your HD) to back away from your HD BUT they do not involve any type of physical harm to anyone; just a spiritual nudge, so to speak, to get them out of the picture, to eliminate the possibility of their honing in on your relationship in any way and these spells work. They work beautifully. The site has such spell kits with very detailed instructions on how to most effectively get the job done.  Now, speaking of revenge, you don’t want to do anything foolish out of frustration and anger and bitterness.  For instance, your HD is not responding to your spell work quite as quickly as you would like or you don’t physically see any improvement yet and, in anger, you take your love doll of him and throw it against the wall.  Bad idea!  The only thing that will do is greatly slow down any progress that is currently taking place.  Your love doll is a sacred item and should be treated with the sacred respect it deserves.  If you’re using a spell to get someone to back away from your HD, make sure all of your focus is on your HD and on the intruder or intruders, not his children (if he has any), his friends or anyone else.  Spiritually pushing anyone away but the intruder will not benefit anyone at all and may even stunt the progress of what you’re trying to accomplish.  His children, his friends and even family members are not responsible for what you believe your HD is doing or not doing so please keep that in mind.  The intruder would be anyone who is keeping your HD distant from you in any way at all and it doesn't have to be a romantic intruder.  Believe it or not, a mother can be the worst kind of intruder, especially if she's never cut the apron strings (so to speak) between her and her son or her and her daughter, whatever the case may be.  As far as actual revenge goes, like I said earlier, it’s a bad idea in most cases so avoid it as much as you possibly can.

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