Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Your Faith and Perseverance Play a Huge Part in Your Success

As I mentioned in my first blog, manifesting your deepest desires takes patience, perseverance and an unwavering faith that what you're petitioning for will come to pass (there can be no doubt whatsoever).  Your faith and visualization, in fact, have to be so strong that when you're sitting at your alter petitioning, in your mind, what you are striving to achieve has already happened; it's a done deal.  Yes, seeing it in your mind, feeling what you will feel when it happens and believing are all so very essential.  If you're the doubting Thomas type, it will take time and practice to be able to do this; once you do, though, the magical things you will start to see unfold will absolutely astound and amaze you!  For instance, when I was trying to bring the love of my life into my life for a permanent commitment, here's what I would do:  While petitioning, I would look into the flame of the candle being used and literally visualize his adoring, smiling face looking back at me and taking in everything I was petitioning for with him.  It served a two-fold purpose in the effectiveness.  First of all, I was able to see that face I loved so much.  Second, it made my sessions so much stronger because it was my spirit reaching out to his.  With each session one does, the power of it becomes that much stronger so perseverance is a must. HyperSmash.com.

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