Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So You Simply Can’t Wait Any Longer?

Ok, so you’ve done and are doing all the magical things to see results and sometimes it feels like you’re moving backward instead of forward, right?  You’re so anxious to be with your HD (heart’s desire), to hold and kiss and spend the rest of your life with him or her and it seems as though nothing is happening.  Well, first of all, you’re so very wrong!  Faith means believing in what you don’t necessarily see happening, quite yet.  Secondly, all the negative thoughts and feelings you are having are only brewing a lot of negativity in the air.  That kind of negativity slows down the progress of all your hard work. Remember, using spell work on your HD creates a spiritual bond that connects the two of you in a very mystical way.  Because of that bond, your HD actually feels a lot of what you’re feeling and vice versa; therefore if you’re moping around all depressed, frustrated and feeling hopeless, that is what your HD is picking up on and feeling.  If he or she is feeling confused, overwhelmed and frustrated, chances are that’s what you will pick up on and feel as well.

If you’re using spell work on your HD it’s absolutely vital to maintain a positive mind frame and to know (no doubt whatsoever) that what you’re doing is having a major effect on that one person you love and desire so much. Instead of getting closer, it seems, your HD is backing away.  Your HD, in all likeliness, is backing away out of fear of the strong feelings they are suddenly having for you.  It can be very confusing and scary to suddenly have such an onslaught of feelings for someone you never felt that strongly for before so please hang in there and let him or her process these feelings. If you’re feeling anxious or frustrated, pour out your feelings in your alter sessions with the voodoo doll or the red mummy candle.

Meanwhile, don’t spend your every minute focusing on what is “not happening” and how deeply you love and miss your HD.  Occupy yourself with things you really enjoy like the company of family and friends and other things that bring you pleasure.  Do you like reading?  Do you like bowling or some other sport?  Have you always enjoyed crafts like knitting or needlework?  Does music give you that good feeling you so crave?  So read, bowl, go to the movies, and spend time with cherished friends and relatives; whatever it takes to keep you feeling good, feeling positive.  In all likeliness, you had things you enjoyed before ever meeting your HD and you can still enjoy them as you wait.  Would you want the burden of thinking only you could bring happiness to another person, that without you, life would be hopeless and lacking in meaning?  Of course not!  That would be a rather dull and frustrating person to be around; one without other interests and joys in their lives.  Try to limit your thoughts of your HD to your altar sessions with your petitions and even then, KNOW (don’t just think) that your messages are getting through loud and clear.  KNOW how strong your powers as a spell caster really are.  KNOW you will be together if you can see it in your mind’s eye as already having happened.  That is the way, the only way, to achieve the results you are striving for.

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