Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The LWA Watch Over Us

The LWA are very loyal in watching over and protecting those of us who honor and serve them.  I thought it was extremely important to mention this very important fact.  You’re not quite sure yet?  Well, let me give you just two very clear examples of what I mean.  I’ve been honoring and leaving offerings for the LWA for many, many years now.  Although I kind of live in the country, it’s becoming more and more city-like with each passing day.  Consequently it’s getting more and more difficult to leave offerings discreetly.  Where there used to be woods and forests, there are malls, liquor stores and fast food places being put up.  That’s why I use the brown paper bag method of leaving offerings for the LWA.  The brown paper bag method consists of placing the offerings I have for the LWA in a brown paper bag and disposing them in a trash receptacle away from my home.

At any rate, there is a small stretch of woods a few blocks away from my home and around a very remote corner.  As remote as it is, there was one family who lived within viewing distance and obviously saw me when I left offerings under a tree there (not on their property but in the wooded area maybe 50 yards or so away from them).  One day, as I was leaving, after having left some food for Ogoun, the adult male in the house came running towards me to yell and scream obscenities at me.  Although I explained that I only left small amounts of food and the animals eventually ate them anyway (you see, the LWA extract only the essence of our offerings) he told me off royally; threatening to call the police if I didn’t take back what I had put down.  Ok, so I took it back and used the brown paper bag method but what really amazed me was the fact that that family moved almost overnight from that house and I never saw them or that nasty man again.  Coincidence or LWA protection?  Personally, I’ve never believed in coincidences so I have no doubt that the LWA Ogoun (a warrior at heart) had a hand in it. He was the one I was leaving the offerings for to begin with.

Another time, I went behind a somewhat deserted iron factory to once again leave offerings for Ogoun.  As luck would have it, a police car happened to drive by and he stopped to ask me what I was doing.  I told him I was an animal lover and that I liked to leave bits of foods in remote areas for them to feast upon.  He gave me a rather strange look for a few seconds (but it felt like it was for hours) and then actually told me he thought that was very kind of me and left.  Needless to say I felt very relieved but I took a minute to thank Ogoun for helping me not only with my petition to him but with the police officer as well.
The LWA never fail to watch over those who serve them.  Still, I decided to use the brown paper bag method thereafter, just to be safe.  It’s always worked just as well for me and I don’t have to think or worry about any confrontations

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