Saturday, October 19, 2013

Take Notice of the Signs

Signs of Progress

So you’re feeling somewhat discouraged because you don’t see things happening quite as quickly and smoothly as you would like, right?  As human beings we tend to want instant gratification.  We want what we want when we want it, don’t we?  And when we don’t get it right away, our human tendency is to throw our hands up in frustration and give up.   When working with voodoo, though, this is an especially bad idea because you sabotage what you’ve already accomplished (faith is believing in what you don’t quite see yet and yet, in this scenario, really is the operative word).  It’s important to understand that the LWA  (spiritual beings) see what we can’t.  They have insight; a knowing about our situations that we don’t and so they work hard to manifest what we’re petitioning for in the timeframe that is most advantageous for our situations.  Our disbelief or disgust is very counterproductive to what we’re trying to accomplish.

 Granted, waiting can be frustrating and upsetting but try to calm down enough to notice some of the subtle signs you’re getting along the way.  I’ll give you some examples, based on my own experiences.  When I began working with voodoo, my one and only objective was bringing the one I loved ever closer to me.  I actually wanted a commitment from him and nothing else seemed to be working so I petitioned Erzulie Freda (the LWA of love)) to help me and help me she did.  It took time and yes, I got frustrated along the way but I became ultra-aware of the signs the LWA were sending to show me they were working hard and persistently on my situation.

Here are some of the countless signs I got while waiting for my love petitions to pan out:

Love songs on the radio that are played a lot and that seem to describe your situation perfectly.  When I was petitioning to bring the one I loved closer to me songs came on constantly that had words that fit our relationship to a tee.  Gun’s & Roses had a song about patience where the guy is pleading for the girl to have patience.  It played all the time.  My HD (heart’s desire) was afraid of making a commitment and this song described his hesitance perfectly. 

License plates with significant words on them.  I saw so many license plates, for instance, that read Love or Love You as well as stickers on the windows of cars like My Heart Belongs To….. I knew they were also  blatant signs from our LWA that my HD was thinking of me, longing for me, missing me.

Significant email ads.   Ads about love and even engagement rings (of which I got many back then) are a blatant sign that your case is being worked on.

Doves.  Seeing doves (also known as love birds) somewhere close to you is also a good sign.  I had two that landed on my balcony faithfully every day back at that time.

These are but a few of the signs I noticed and took seriously as I waited for my spell work to kick in.  Always notice the small things that seem insignificant because often times, these are the very things that are meant to let you know your case is being worked on.  Meantime, be patient and believe, believe, believe with all your heart and soul that something is in the process of manifesting for you because, believe me, it really is.

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