Saturday, October 19, 2013

So What If You Want to Reverse a Spell?

Ok, so you’ve done the spell work and have maybe even started to see some results but you’ve changed your mind; you’ve decided you don’t want a relationship with the target of your spell work anymore.  How do you reverse the spell?  Well, it’s relatively simple when it comes to love spells.  Stop all efforts to draw him close to you, break up with him, cut all communication, be confrontational (as in striking up an argument, etc.)  These things will break the spell.  You don’t create a love slave with spell work.  Spell work only sets up a communication of love between the two of you; once that communication is broken, so is the spell. 
Unlike the effects of love spell work, however, any negative spell work you choose to do (revenge, hate, directing bad luck at someone, etc.) are not so easily reversed.  Usually you will need a voodoo priest or priestess to help you reverse negative spell work.  That’s why you should think very carefully before trying to accomplish anything negative with spell work. 

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