Friday, October 18, 2013

Incense and Spell Work

Incense is often used in spell work because it permeates the spell caster’s sense of smell and helps to create a desired mood, energy and atmosphere which, in turn, improves the focus and concentration on the matter at hand.  The energy and concentration you extend during any session plays a major part on how powerful your altar sessions are.  The more you can tune out the world and tune into what you are petitioning for, the better.  That being said, there are certain aromas that seem to create just the right atmosphere for what it is you are working on.  Just to list a few:
Lavender – for love spells, a good incense to burn for romantic situations, promotes beauty and is excellent for glamor and lures

Cinnamon – raising energy, passion, lust, a great aphrodisiac

Frankincense – Promotes calm and peace, relieves stress, ending conflicts and arguments

Rose – Love, sex, desire

Amber – Meditations

Cedarwood – Strength and power as well as for spells meant to increase virility in men

Ginger – Good for spells that incite desire and/or lust

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