Thursday, November 13, 2014

An Apt Analogy

Have you ever seen a cat frantically chasing its tail, trying to catch it, secure it, and dominate it? After it finally exhausts itself, it rolls itself up into a tight little ball and closes its eyes to catch some winks.  In very short order, however, it senses something ebbing ever closer to it.  Sleepily, it opens its eyes one last time to see what it is and, lo and behold, there’s its little tail right in front of its nose!  Well, in a sense the same concept applies to you when you’re doing spell work on that special person you love and want to attract to you.  Sure, you’ve done all the spell work, maybe you’re even being loyal to your adjunct work but you want to see results now! You want what you want when you want it just like that little cat, right?  Letting go and letting your spell work kick in and do what it does isn’t good enough sometimes (or most of the times for some people).  You’re curious, anxious and frustrated.  Is he thinking of me?  Will he call me?  Is my spell work getting through to him?  When those doubts creep in, you may start taking things into your own hands; messaging him, checking to see what he’s doing by maybe driving past his house, calling him, frantically sending him letters and/or cards, asking mutual friends about him and on and on and on.  The longer you don’t have contact with him the more frantic and anxious and desperate you become. You’re doing the same thing as that anxious and frustrated little cat.  If you would just relax and allow the effects of your spell work to kick in, the same thing that happened to the little cat will eventually happen to you!  Relax, have faith and be patient.  When you least expect it you may come to find that all of your sessions and petitions are, indeed, hitting the mark.  Suddenly your HD is coming to you! 


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