Thursday, November 13, 2014

About Manifesting What You Want Through Voodoo

(he is used in all references in this post but he or she can be used as applies to you)

Manifesting what you want through Voodoo is really not so difficult; it does, however, take perseverance and a deep and unwavering faith.  It takes patience (because things aren't likely to happen overnight and tolerance (because your HD, [heart's desire], is going to act in ways that you won't really expect or want him to.  Try to bear in mind that you know why he's suddenly feeling so much stronger feelings for you, you know why he's confused, you know why he's a bit overwhelmed and frightened by what he's feeling for you as a result of the spell work that's in the air.  Your HD, however, doesn't have a clue so try to be patient and understanding when he seems to disappear for days having no contact with you, when he runs hot and cold over and over again.  He needs time to process the energy you're sending out to him.  Have faith in and know the LWA are working with you so if you're tempted to confront your HD, pull out your adjunct work (love doll, red mummy candle, white/pink image candles) and express your desires to them.  He will get the messages.  Physical confrontation is the worst thing to do when your HD is processing, believe me.  I confronted my HD in the very beginning and hugely set back the progress of my spell work.  It was time wasted for no reason and I'd hate to see you do the same thing.  Like I said, manifesting what you want through Voodoo is really not so difficult but it does take time and work; that's why it's called spell "work".

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