Thursday, November 13, 2014

Keeping Yourself Busy!

(“he” is used to refer to your HD but will stand for he or she, depending on who you’re working on)

You’ve done all this work and you’re still waiting, right?  But how are you waiting?  Are you waiting as you pine and worry and wonder and try to micro-analyze what’s going on in your HD’s mind, why he’s acting the way he is?  Maybe you’re even stalking his every move to see if you can get a peek at where he is, what he’s doing, who he’s with.  All bad ploys, my friends, because you’re devoting your whole life, all of your energy, just to him or her and as you do, your mood is becoming more and more depressed, more and more frustrated and desperate.  Your energy becomes more and more negative; energy you’re passing along to your HD with your spell work in the air.  Be consistent with your sessions, yes, but before and after you do them, keep yourself busy!  Go to work, go visit friends, read, go on line and browse around, knit, golf, whatever!  Keep your mind occupied with other things between sessions so you don’t have the time to bemoan what you think is not happening.  Notice I said “think” not know.  The LWA have amazing ways of getting it all to come together but they see all and do it in the timeframe that is best for your situation.  Faith is believing in what you can’t see happening; happening right now but in time, if you can hang in there, you will see what you’re striving for begin to manifest.  It’s almost like a kitten that chases and chases its tail to exhaustion and then lays back to rest and lo and behold, he finds the tail right there in front of his nose!  Negative energy does nothing but hold back the progress and results you so desperately want to see.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It took quite some time and as is often the case, so will the results of what you’re trying to manifest.  It’s an unpredictable journey that brings on a rollercoaster of emotions for both people involved but the end results are worth it.  The end results are well worth the means if you truly want this relationship with all your heart.

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