Sunday, November 2, 2014

Do It Yourself Spell Work VS. Paying to Have Spell Work Done For You

I truly believe that doing your own spell work far outranks paying someone else to cast the spells for you and I’m going to tell you why.  When you pay someone to cast a spell or spells for you, although they may be very powerful and knowledgeable in Voodoo, they do not have the deep, penetrating emotions related to your case that you do.  They’ve not personally interacted with your heart’s desire (HD) or, in all likeliness, even seen them in anything other than a picture or two and what you’ve told them.  The deep, emotional tie you create with your spell work plays a big part in how powerful it can be.  Your spirits literally become intertwined once your spell work is in the air.  That’s why there is so much emotional turmoil for both of you during this time.  You have the innate power to send out the most effective and emotionally charged messages with your petitions.  Back when I did the spell work on my HD, I totally shut the world out mentally and put every ounce of the love and emotional passion I had for him into my petitions.  I visualized his face each and every time I did a session; a face I was able to clearly visualize, smiling lovingly back at me and taking in all the messages I was sending him.  They were extremely powerful sessions and they worked beautifully because of the personal bond all of my spell work and adjunct work created between the two of us.  Deep down inside, only you know your HD; their characteristics, their likes and dislikes, what kind of people they tend to be attracted to, etc.  Only YOU know how deep and strong the feelings you have for them really are and you are the one who can best use your personal passion to send those strong, strong vibes out to them in your petitions.  It only stands to reason that to give your spell work the power and passion that is so vital, casting it yourself is the best and most powerful way to go.

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