Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Making Your Own Anointing Oil

Making your own anointing oil for your rituals is as simple as placing a good quality of oil (olive oil or mineral oil work) in a small glass bottle and adding whatever herb works best for your particular intention.  As you combine three parts oil and one part herbs, visualize your intent, breathe in the aroma and know that this oil is sacred and magical.  Label the bottle for future use and screw the top back on tightly.  The bottle must be cured for at least two weeks in a warm, dark place before using.

Here is a list of some of the herbs with a small description of what each is used for:
Allspice – used for luck, love, money and general success

Basil – used for money and success
Bergamot – used for protection and prosperity

Cinnamon – used for money drawing, love and passion
Coriander – used for love, good for attracting a love who is as yet unknown

Geranium – used to lift spirits/banish negativity, for protection, love, healing and fertility
Honeysuckle – used to instill confidence, attract friends and business, attract love,
                           helps with problems of infidelity

Hyssop – used for anointing, consecrating, blessing, protecting, purifying

Jasmine – used as a seduction herb

Lavender – shields from negative energy, used for love, healing
                     bad marriages and relationships

Lemon Verbena – used as a good luck herb; ability to turn bad luck to good luck

Licorice – used as an aphrodisiac
Lilac – used to bring peace and harmony

Mistletoe – a commanding/compelling herb used for protection as well as for love

Orange or Orange Blossoms – used for drawing, attracting things into your life,               
                                                       Blossoms especially powerful in attracting love

Patchouli – excellent herb for power and manifestation; materializing one’s wishes

Rose – use for love

Thyme – a powerful protection herb

Use them wisely.

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