Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Anointing Oils

Anointing oils have been used for magickal purposes for many centuries. The purpose of dressing or anointing a candle with anointing oil is to empower it and give it the maximum potency. The best way to dress or anoint a candle is to rub a little bit of the oil between your palms or onto your index finger and start rubbing it on the candle from the middle up and then all the way back down to the bottom again, continuing until you’ve included the full circumference of the candle, all the while focusing on your intention for its purpose. Of course, it is important to use the proper oil for the specific purpose you have in mind; you wouldn’t use a money drawing oil, for instance, to attract love into your life or vice versa. Every magickal intention has a specific type of oil to use for the results you are seeking.  

There are countless voodoo and new age supply shops and stores from which you can purchase the appropriate oils for dressing the candle or candles you want to use. My personal choice is from the site because all the products are consecrated/blessed by the Mambo (Voodoo Queen) who runs the site. You have to be wary of where you choose to purchase your oils and supplies as these shops are not all particularly versed in Voodoo. Their main interest is to make money.  With all  this in mind, please understand that it is also possible to make your own anointing oils and I will be telling you, in my next post or two, how it is done. I’ll give you information on what oils are best to use for whatever magick you are trying to set into place. Please bear in mind that although anointing your candle is very important, your ability to completely focus on your intention, as you anoint it, is of the essence.

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