Thursday, November 6, 2014

What Is a Gris-gris Bag?

Basically stated, a gris-gris bag is a charm bag.  Although it sounds French, it is actually a French-like spelling for the Central African word, gree gree, which means fetish or charm.  Gris-gris bags contain within them, elements of protection as well as magical herbs and objects to bring the positive changes you are seeking. Sigils that have been written with magickal ink on parchment paper are also placed inside the bag. The gris-gris bag can be made of cotton, felt, flannel, even burlap and is color synchronized to match what you are trying to attain.  For instance, if it is money you are trying to attract, the gris-gris would be green, if it’s for love, red, and so forth. The gris-gris bag is normally 2 inches long and 3 inches wide and has a pull string on the top, using hemp string, wax thread, or leather cording to close it.  The bag should contain within it an odd number of items; no fewer than 3 and no more than 13.

Gris-gris bags can be purchased from a variety of Voodoo shops throughout the country.

You may choose to make your own gris-gris bag, however.  When creating the gris-gris bag, your total focus should be on what you want it to accomplish for you; that’s a huge part of what gives it the energy and power it has. What goes into the bag?  Well, to attract money, for instance, you might include such items as basil leaves, dill seeds, fava beans, lodestone, green jade, green tourmaline, etc.  You might also add, coins, dollar bills, a handwritten note with the amount of money needed, magnets or magnetic sand, a small mirror or fragments of a mirror (which amplify its money drawing power).  Love gris-gris bags might include such things as lavender seeds, hearts, a small note with your love interest’s name written on it, a lock of your love interest’s hair or a fingernail, rose petals, a Claddagh Symbol, the veve for Erzulie, etc. Your gris-gris bag should be set up on an altar containing the 4 elements; earth (dirt), wind (incense), water (a small container of water) and fire (a candle). Each ingredient placed into the bag should be smudged or smoked in incense and so should the final bag. (you pass each item through the incense smoke before placing it into the bag). Also pinned into the bag would be included a petition written in a magical seal or sigil drawn on parchment paper. Words of power are spoken over the gris-gris bag and as a final act, you would breathe into the bag before pulling it closed by the drawstring at the top.  When it is tied and complete you should feed or dress it with a magical liquid such as florida water by gently sprinkling the bag.

For optimum power, the gris-gris bag should be worn under your garments as you go through your day to day life.  It is of the essence that no one else see or touch your gris-gris bag because it could very possibly detract from its power.

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