Sunday, November 9, 2014

What to Do If You’ve Started to See Some Results

Ok, so you’ve gotten that much desired contact from your HD (heart’s desire) whether it be by a telephone call, a surprise visit or even an email, what should you do?   By all means give yourself a pat on the back and silently thank the LWA for their intervention (leaving an offering is a good idea as well).  Try to remain calm, cool, collected and non-confrontational.  Definitely express your happiness over hearing from him or her but make it a point not to confront in any way such as “I’ve really been missing you, where have you been?” or “I was really hoping to hear from you for a long time now”.  Let your HD lead the way.  If he or she tells you they’ve missed you, you can certainly respond with an “I’ve missed you too” or he or she tells you they’ve been thinking of you, you can respond with “You’ve been on my mind too” but don’t push the issue by going on and on about how much you've been wishing he or she would call and how much you’ve missed them.  Remember, you know why your HD is having a rush of stronger feelings for you but they don’t.  Pushing the issue is confrontational and could very possibly back your HD away again.  Also please know that if your HD expresses too much of what they’ve been feeling for you it could send them back into hiding for a while again.  Processing the messages and feelings you’re sending out there with your spell work is a very delicate issue and should be delicately handled and considered.  Backing away and coming back into the picture was something my HD did frequently, throughout the course of my spell work on him, especially if he expressed himself a bit more than he was comfortable with at the time.  The consolation was that each time he resurfaced, he was that much more secure in his feelings for me.  Each time he returned, he was able to more comfortably express what he was feeling for me without backing away so drastically again.  This journey can sure bring on a rollercoaster of emotions for both you and your HD but if you love your HD, and you're sticking with what you’re doing by keeping up your deep unwavering faith and persevering, it’s well worth it in the end.

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