Sunday, November 9, 2014


There are no coincidences, my friends.  Everything happens for a reason so don’t rule anything out.  Ok, let’s say you’ve never personally seen a pair of doves, other than in pictures, at a reserve or in  nature shows you’ve watched on TV, yet from out of nowhere you spot two doves on the deck of your back yard.  There they are cuddling, cooing and doing what love birds do best; clearly displaying their love for each other.  Doves are a symbol of love so if you’re doing love spell work on your HD (heart’s desire) take it as a blatant sign from the LWA that they’re working hard on your case.  How about if you’re completely occupied doing something (maybe your laundry or vacuuming at home) when suddenly a text appears on your cell phone.  When you look to see who texted you, you see a text from your HD, who hasn’t contacted you in days, maybe even weeks; it’s just a quick hello, thinking of you (whatever).  Is it just a little streak of luck or a fluke? No, it’s not!  Even if it’s short, very short, it’s still a great sign that your HD is thinking of you and took a minute to say hello.  Maybe you’re riding in your car and thinking of how much you miss your HD.  You flip on the radio and what come on but the Rolling Stones, singing “I Miss You”.  Coincidence?  Absolutely not!  Do such signs as these mean that all his processing and all your efforts are finally over?  Not necessarily because spell work and adjunct work bring with them a lot of ups and downs, lots of running hot and cold type emotions but it IS a sign that your HD is thinking of you, receiving the messages in your petitions and is beginning to respond to them.  Another situation (which happened to me during the course of my spell work, by the way) might be you find yourself getting lots of attention from different guys, all telling you how beautiful or nice you are.  Yes, it is coming out of the mouths of virtual strangers, not your HD BUT you should definitely take them as signs of what your HD would like to tell you but isn’t quite ready to yet.  The LWA have very blatant yet mysterious ways of letting you know your work is not being done in vain.  Take notice and take the signs very seriously.  You might even want to chronicle the different signs you get in a ledger or in a folder in your email to remind yourself when it seems like nothing is happening.  Either way, don’t chalk things like this up to coincidence, chalk them up to what they really are; signs that your spell work is in the making and just starting to kick in.

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