Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You Can Make Your Own Voodoo Doll

So, your finances are a bit depleted and you can’t afford to purchase a Voodoo Doll?  Well, I’ve got some good news for you.  You can make a Voodoo Doll that will be just as powerful, if not more, than anything you can buy. The doll that you make is an external representation of the feelings and passion you have for the person you’re trying to attract and that is exactly what empowers it.  Now here’s what you’ll need and how you go about creating it:

You’ll need:

1.       A skeletal structure which could be just a couple of sturdy twigs from a local tree or some scrap wood, pencils, dowels or even popsicle sticks.

2.       Any type of binding (such as rope, twine, string, strips of fabric or ribbon, etc.)

3.       Stuffing; I prefer Spanish moss but you can use cotton, cloth or even paper

4.       Decorations like feathers, bows, buttons, sequins, jewelry, braids (be creative)

5.       Fabric in the color of what you’re trying to accomplish (I used red felt because red represents love) If possible, using any item from the target of your spell work, some people believe, makes it stronger, more powerful.  ( that might include anything they’ve had contact with; a button, fingernail, used tissue, clip of hair; in other words, anything they’ve touched or has touched them).

6.       Fabric Pen or Marker to draw the face. Some people use buttons or even eyes from a craft store, etc.

7.       Glue gun (optional)

8.       Masking tape (optional)

Now, first you make a cross with the twigs or whatever wood you’ve decided to use.  Then use the string or the glue, (whichever you feel works best), to secure them into place.

Cover the wooden cross (Voodoo doll skeleton) with Spanish moss (or whatever stuffing you’ve decided to use).

Wrap the cloth around the Skelton covered with stuffing, and then wrap the twine around the neck and torso area (in using the Spanish moss, I leave just a little bit of the stuffing protruding from the top of the head to look like the doll’s hair) .  Make sure to wrap and tie around the horizontal twigs (or arms) for sleeves.  Also securely tie around the bottom or base area.  Once it is securely put together you can use the magic marker to paint on a face with eyes, nose, mouth or use the glue to attach eyes (available at the craft store) or buttons for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Finally, attach any personal items of your HD's that you may have collected, then adorn it with your chosen decorations and there you have your own, hand-made Voodoo Doll!  The more you use it, the more powerful it will become.  If you can't leave it on your altar without being discovered, keep it in a cushioned box with a lid you can close between sessions. (I used a cigar box I had decorated and placed a clean, white cloth in).

Before using your new Love Doll, you will need to consecrate it.  In the next post, I will tell you how to consecrate it for use.

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