Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Consecrating Your Love Doll

Now that the doll is made, it’s time to consecrate it and bring it to life!

Consecrating your love doll taps it into the Universal Divine force from which all possibilities, solutions and miracles stem.  When you consecrate your love doll, you are connecting it with this Universal Divine force and declaring it as sacred and appropriate to use for your intended purpose.  Consecrating the doll also removes any negative energy that may be attached such as someone else having touched it.  Very basically stated, the consecration process purifies and sanctifies your love doll.
The doll is baptized or consecrated using Catholic rites and holy water, and the following words are said (as you sprinkle the doll with holy water): 

"I baptize thee (your heart’s desire name), in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. In life this is now who I wish it to be. All that is done to this doll happens now to (your HD’s name) as I so do command. As days go by and time is infinite, I alone now control the deepest desires, dreams and actions of HD’s Name.”

Now your doll is ready to use.  Use it often (for the best results) and treat it with the honor, respect and patience it deserves and it will, in turn, surprise you with what it can do.

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