Tuesday, November 11, 2014

About the LWA Azaka

(courtesy of http://www.ezilikonnen.com/the_lwa/zaka.html)

Although Azaka is the patron Lwa of farmers, he is known for his hard work in all areas of life.  He works hard and will work quickly to achieve whatever it is that you ask of him.  He enjoys the good things in life.  He wears a broad brimmed straw hat and carries a straw sack and a sickle.  He excels at treating illnesses (he is said to keep the herbs, rum, candles and some other inredients to do this in his straw sack.
His colors are blue and red.

Several of the best offerings for Azaka are rice and beans, coffee with a lot of sugar, yams, bananas,cane syrup, sugar cane, tequila, boiled corn and cassava bread.
Days to petition Azaka are Fridays and Saturdays.

Catholic saint equivalent for Azaka is St. Isidore, shown below. 

The veve or symbol for Azaka is:


It is advised to have both of these symbols on the altar when petitioning to Azaka.


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